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Sunday, January 17, 2016

THE Sparkle Ball!

Have you seen these?  Have you looked real close when you have seen them...and see what they are made out of?  Cups...Solo Cups...Plastic Cups....SUPER FUN CUPS!!

I tried making a Sparkle ball this week and it was a little touch and go in the beginning.  The size cups you choose determine the size of the ball.  Well, when you start out, go me

This is how I started out...way too big of a choice on the cups.  16oz, and they were tall and skinny.  The taller they are the more you need.  I recommend going shorter and fatter.

So, I went and bought small and wider solo cups.  Much better.  After a little crafting and some football I had made two sides of my new Sparkle Ball.  Much better size to start out with.

I had a string of pink lights in my studio and decided to use them.  The holes I drilled were a little too small for the lights so I put on a bigger drill bit and made the holes a little bigger.  The lights fit perfectly.

Supply List:
Solo Cups (I used 54 9 oz cups)
Stapler and Staples
Drill and Drill bit (not sure on the size I used)
String of lights (I had pink on hand)


1.  Drill holes in the middle of each cup.  I stacked about 3-4 on top of each other and did them as a group.
2.  Start by making a circle with 12 cups, stapling them together at the sides.
3.  Your next round (circle) of cups will use 10 cups to make the round.
4.  Your last round will use 5 cups.
5.  Now staple the three rounds together to make one half of the ball.
6.  Now make another half.
7.  Add lights into each hole.
8.  Attach the two sides of the ball together with staples.  This will form the ball.  
9.  You can add a hanger on to the top of the ball by using a clip ring.  I just strung the end of the light string up from the top of the ball and used that as the hanger.

Perfect for Valentines Day coming up!

What a fun project.  Here are some links to where you can find more specific directions.

DIY Crafts
YouTube Tutorial

Try out different sizes, colors and textures.  There are even tutorials out there on doing it with the cups that are hard plastic.  You use a glue gun to attach them and a soldering iron to make the holes.  More time consuming but might be worth trying on a larger version....for more strength.

Happy Crafting!

"crafty" girl

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

BE MINE Valentine Mixed Media Collage Class

Here is what's coming up at the end of January. 
Come join me and make the 


Mixed Media Collage


Tuesday, January 26th
Thursday, January 28th  (SOLD OUT)
Tuesday, February 2nd (2 spots left)

Thursday, February 4th  (2 spots left)

COST: $35.00 (includes all supplies)
Class begins at 6:30 pm.
Class is limited to 6 students. Sign up now, bring a friend or gather a group and book the entire class. Make it a ladies night out, bring some munchies and drinks.
Collage measures 12x12 inches and is a wood base. You will be using various techniques and supplies which include ink, paper, mod podge, paints, embellishments and fabrics.
No "crafty" girl experience necessary...but I guarantee you will leave class having become a "crafty" girl. PROMISE!

NOTE: Payment is due before class by cash, check or PayPal.  Cancellations are due 48 hours in advance of class in order to receive a full refund.  

Please feel free to contact me at 508-667-3177 with questions or by email at

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Paper Bag Star Tutorial

So many of you saw the star tutorial I posted on Facebook back in December.  I thought it was such a fun idea and knew I needed to try it out.

I did a little pictorial tutorial for you if you would like to try it also.  Thank you to Heidis Gesundheitstheke and her video.

Here is my version.  It took about 10 minutes to make and I have already made much fun!

When you are done you can punch a hole in the top of the star and thread ribbon or twine through it as a hanger.

Supply List

8 Flat White Paper Bags 6x9 inches
Glue Stick
Scissors for cutting the point (I used my Olfa cutter and a ruler for this part)
Hole Punch
Ribbon for hanging
Cute Little Duck as a prop

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at


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Monday, January 4, 2016

Making a difference while crafting

My Christmas craft for this year was wooden signs.  Each year I pick a craft and create as many as I can and sell them to customers to give as gifts. Last year is was Frozen headbands and the year before it was custom pillowcases.  This year was the year of the wood sign.

I began around Thanksgiving and did not stop till three days after Christmas.  I have a problem with saying no, so that last sign did not happen until the holiday was over and folks where still asking for more.

Two signs really made an impression on me and making them was the highlight of my holiday "crafty" girl season.

The first sign was for a local gal who wanted to give her brothers something special to remember their dad by.  He had passed away earlier this year and this would be their first Christmas without him.  I took his handwriting, from a card he had written, and make it into a sign.  He had a wonderfully loving saying he always signed his cards with.  Love Ya Maddly!

Along with his handwriting I also create signs with his greeting but in a font picked for his sisters and niece.

This project was very moving for me.  I was so happy to be a part of this and being able to keep this beautiful memory alive for this family was a wonderful gift for them as well as me.

Here is the wonderful note I got from my client after the she had given the signs to her family.

Hi Maryfrances,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the beautiful signs you made for me in memory of my father. There was not a dry eye in the room when each person opened it on Christmas Day. You helped preserve a very special memory in 5 homes. Your work is beautiful and I will definitely keep you in mind for all of my future needs! 

Thanks again and God bless!

Projects like this just make me one happy "crafty" girl.

I also got a last minute request from a client for one of my MINI Christmas signs.  This person lived far away and would need the sign made for the next day and shipped quickly so she would receive it by the time her and her family left for their holiday.

Her daughter just bought her MINI Cooper this summer and is having such fun with her "new' baby. How could I not help out a fellow MINI lover...I just had to.

The sign did arrive, although it was a little scary tracking the package and not having the updates telling me where and when it would be delivered.  I almost thought it wold not arrive....but thank goodness it did.

Here is the lovely note I received from my client.


I'm speechless. This sign is absolutely perfect. I'm also very moved by the duck story. 

My daughter will adore the sign and the story- she finally got her dream mini in June and has had great fun going to mini club events.

I mentioned that we were leaving town tomorrow- our family will travel to our beach house in the Outer Banks in North Carolina for a Christmas by the sea. 

The name of the town where our house is? Duck, NC. 

Minis are magical. I'm guessing Ed Maximini had a hand in all of this. 

Thanks for your kindness and efficiency in getting this precious package to me. She's going to love it.

Merry Christmas!

All is all it was a wonderful holiday season for this "crafty" girl.  I love all the custom work requests I get.  Making someone happy and allowing them to cherish their memories means so much to me and is why I love doing what I do.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.  May 2016 bring you all the happiness you deserve.  Happy Crafting and make sure to make time to do what you love.

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

More Wood Signs Available

Wood Signs

The wood shop is rocking in the "crafty" girl studio

I am having such fun with all these wood signs.  Love hearing stories about the family names that I am working with.  And I love how customizable they are.  It really is fun to make something so memorable for someone.

Here are some shots of my latest work.

All of these LOVE signs can be found in my Etsy store for purchase, plus there are others available like VOLLEYBALL, BASKETBALL and SOFTBALL.

My MINI Cooper Merry Christmas sign has been very popular.  Match it to your MINI's color and you have a great personalized gift.  Here is one in red.

How about a different variation on WELCOME.  I have many to choose from or create your own custom version.

Have a great day everyone.  Enjoy this nice weather we are having here in MA.  I for one and very happy there is no snow out there yet.


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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Wood Signs

Wood Signs

Custom Made by Me

the "crafty" girl

I have been loving wood signs lately and have been scouring the internet learning about them, gathering ideas and pinning ideas like crazy.  I have gathered up some great ideas and have come up with a pretty good technique and system for making these custom made creations.

I just took some to a recent quilt show with various quilt and sewing sayings on them...they were a hit.

What I love about making these signs is that you can use any word, saying, image.  Anything I can cut with my die cutting machine I can make into a stencil and use on a sign.  The possibilities are endless.


I will be making these signs in my "crafty" girl studio during the upcoming weeks.  They make great gifts for Christmas, Weddings, Showers, Birthdays, House Warmings....any occasion that warrants a handmade gift.

How about a friend who is getting married or moving into a new home.  A custom made FAMILY sign would make a great gift.

Or maybe there is a new baby in your life, what a sweet gift for the new Mom and Little One.  Don't like this saying...pick your favorite and I will put it on a sign.

How about that teen or tween in your life.  My SELFIE sign makes a great gift for a dorm room, apartment or bedroom.

All of my signs are made by me in my "crafty" girl studio.  If you are interested in ordering your own please visit my Etsy Store for ordering information.  Local Shrewsbury folks can pick up.  If you are not local, let me know and we can work out shipping right to you.

Thanks for taking a peak at my new "crafty" girl creations.  Have a super night!!!

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Friday, November 13, 2015

Its a Girl

What a lovely project I just completed for a sweet little baby.  And even more fun was that someone saw this project and hired me to do that same for them....more on that project later.

Here she is...ITS A GIRL banner!

Love my Silhouette cutting machine.  It makes projects like this work up so easy and fast.  Cutting is done which leaves me lots of time for embellishing and blinging out my project.

Pop Dots and my GLUE GUN (favorite tool) are by my side at all time.

Is that the cutest elephant you have ever seen?

More to come on the Teegan Elephant Banner and Cake Topper soon.  
Enjoy your day everyone!

Go do something "crafty" today.

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